Client & Guest Access


You may login in here after we have created an account for you. If you do not have account login information please contact us.

In the Client Portal you may access your request list and passwords, meeting dates, wedding & event planners, event & dj evaluations, and much more. Also you may view your guest request and creat your own play list as well.


Attending an Event? Request Songs here!

We have made it simple for your guest to request special songs ahead of time! By doing this allows us to make sure we have the perfict song for you at the special event you are attending.

If you already have an password for the event you may login at any time to request songs for that event. If you do not have a password, please contact your event host or planner for these details! At anytime if you need assistance please feel free to contact a memenber of Digital eXtravagnaza – Kooltoonz Entertaiment for further assistance!

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